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Knights in Service is program is to promote student volunteerism in the school and surrounding community leading to a life-long dedication to service.  The program is open to all students in all grades.  And while the school does not require middle school students to participate***, it is a campus goal that all LTMS students serve at least five (5) hours each school year.


*** Members of the National Junior Honor Society are required to complete a minimum number of volunteer hours each year.  Check with the NJHS sponsor for details.

Knights in Service is not a club and there are no meetings.  To participate, all a student need do is volunteer and report their service hours. 

What service activities are eligible for Knights in Service credit?

Eligible volunteer activities are non-paid and performed for the benefit of a nonprofit organizationsuch as a 501(c)(3) or charitable organization. 

Pre-approved campus-based activities include events sponsored by NJHS, Gov Club, Interact Club, LTMS PTO, Knights in Service as well as lunch time recycling crew and watering of school plants.

Click here for the latest opportunities specifically for LTMS students or click here for a great list of community volunteer organizations published by LTHS CAVS in Service.


What activities are NOT eligible for volunteer service credit?

  1. Activities associated with or resulting in fundraising, however concession work for a not-for-profit like LTYA or a school booster club is OK. 

  2. Activities for which hours will NOT be approved: babysitting or pet sitting; chores or household activities for family/friends/neighbors; helping a parent with their job; helping or assisting in a for-profit activity, event, or organization.

  3. Court-mandated community service.

  4. Donations of money or items in exchange for service hours.


How does a student report volunteer hours?

We have gone back to recording using a paper system. We are no longer using Noble Hour. 

  1. Each day of service must be recorded individually.

  2. A maximum of eight (8) hours per day will be approved.

  3. Contact information (name and number) of the adult coordinating the service opportunity is required for possible validation.

  4. Hours should be recorded during the 9-week grading period they are performed.

  5. Hours performed during the summer are to be recorded by the end of the first 9-weeks of new school year.

  6. The absolute last day to log hours is May 15. 


Log your hours onto the Volunteer Hours Form.


Please contact the NJHS coordinator, Leslie Sparks, with any questions at sparksl@ltisdschools.org